BSIF release checklist to help businesses source compliant PPE

Currently at this time of COVID 19 Pandemic the UK is being flooded with a huge amount of Fake PPE (personal Protection Equipment) product, covered apparently with all manner of spurious Certifications & documentation. BSIF have been flat out actively involved, advising End User business, Government departments, Local Authorities and of course their members on a daily basis. Helping them to Filter out the non-compliant and reporting on findings to Market Surveillance Authorities.

One thing is assured currently –  That PPE is no longer a back seat driver, it’s a very hot topic and everyone now knows what it is, and of course along with this the importance of getting compliant PPE supply RIGHT NOW is of paramount importance.

The UK supply of all PPE is now covered by a PPE Regulation 2016/425 which was adopted in April 2016 with a 2 year cross over, taking over fully from the Old PPE Directive 89/686 from April 2018. The Regulation is now firmly embedded into EU/UK law. One of the major changes that you should be aware of is that unlike the old Directive the Regulation shares the legal Responsibilities and Obligations of supplying Compliant PPE amongst the entire supply chain. Thereby meaning that all ‘Economic Operators’ as they are described, involved in the supply of PPE are now looped into ensuring the PPE is compliant – ongoing… So who are Economic Operators?

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Importers
  3. Authorised Representatives
  4. Distributors – Wholesalers – Retailers – Internet sellers – Drop shippers etc.

The term ‘Economic Operator’ is actually blanket terminology used for all those involved in PPE supply. Seems like a small change but actually this is a Sea-change for this industry and those that sell within it. Of course there is still the fact that the end user ultimately has a direct responsibility to ensure they source the right PPE, this has not changed. The supply chain now must ensure product compliance. It should follow that PPE Supply chain and End User risk analyses should by now, include use of PPE Regulation 2016/425 compliant suppliers.

To give End users the assurance of buying within a compliant supply chain the BSIF Audit every members direct legal responsibilities and Obligations as described by the Regulation 2016/425. BSIF administer this through a scheme backed by TS and the HSE called the ‘Registered Safety Supplier Scheme’. BSIF would encourage all end users of PPE to look for the Registered Safety Suppliers before buying, especially right now more than ever, as we face unprecedented quantities of non-compliant PPE hitting our shores.

To help empower everyone to weed out fake PPE documents/Certificates/Declarations of Conformity for themselves, BSIF released a document to help everyone through what can currently appear a daunting task: that of navigating your way to sourcing compliant PPE. The document is Simply Entitled ‘CE Certificate Checklist’. It will steer you through exactly what to look for and what to avoid regarding the compliance of PPE. Used correctly this document will teach you how to avoid sourcing non-compliant masks, gloves, face shields etc.

Please communicate with BSIF through their Membership Manager via email at [email protected] to get your copy, or follow this link to download it yourself:

BSIF CE Certificate Checklist 2020  

The BSIF – The British Safety Industry Federation is the UK’s Trade Association for the Safety industry. With over 300 Members that trade in Safety/PPE Products and or Services. They are The Lead Authority on the PPE Regulation 2016/425, Primary Authority with Trading Standards and Competent Authority with the HSE.

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