BSI issues new temporary works guidance

The British Standards Institution has updated BS 5975:2019 – Code of practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible stress design of falsework, to give recommendations for temporary structures on building sites, with practical guidelines for design, specification, construction, and the use/dismantling of falsework.

This is a significant revision of sections 1 and 2 of the BS 5975:2008+A1:20111, which was last amended in 2011. 

The new guidance provides recommendations for safety and control around the various procedures and responsibilities of personnel involved for all construction projects. This includes the addition of procedures for clients, designers and suppliers and provides recommendations for education and training. The update also aligns the standard with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, with the new procedures now allowing other contractors to plan and manage their own temporary works while ensuring that the principal contractor retains overall responsibility.

Robert Candy, chief executive of the Scaffolding Association, said: “This is a very positive step and we welcome the updated guidance.

“It reflects the growth of subcontracting across the vast majority of construction works and provides clarity and more control for specialist contractors over the temporary works processes they are involved in.”