Home Product News Avontus teams up with Trimble

Avontus and Trimble have announced a partnership that is set to provide a more streamlined and productive way for concrete contractors and formwork providers to estimate, plan and manage their formwork operations.

Avontus has incorporated Trimble’s Tekla Structures software into its Quantify inventory management to support concrete contractors with the unique challenges they face with needing an accurate and understandable design to avoid costly delays that can affect the entire project.

Tekla Structures provides powerful 3D modelling and BIM capabilities to speed up the creation of detailed formwork plans and give contractors full visualisation into how formwork is planned.

Brian Webb, CEO/founder of Avontus, said: “The bottleneck in inventory management has always been the lack of an easy-to-use bill of materials. When shipping equipment for multiple pours to a site, it’s very important to consolidate formwork materials into a unified list to ship exactly what’s required, get the job done and allow formwork to be returned as soon as it’s no longer needed.”

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