Avon Scaffolding provide access for stonework on iconic tower

Avon Scaffolding (Worcestershire) Ltd, who are Associate Members of the Scaffolding Association, have been providing access to the historic and iconic Broadway Tower for stone repairs and lead Replacement.

Broadway Tower is a family-owned 50-acre estate that was the brainchild of the renowned 18th Century landscape designer, “Capability Brown”. His vision was carried out for George William Coventry, 6th Earl of Coventry, with the help of renowned architect James Wyatt and completed in 1798.

The 65-foot tower is located on Beacon Hill, which is the second highest point in the Cotswolds and rises 312 metres above sea level.

The location and the shape of the tower created challenges for the project. George Marshall, Director at Avon Scaffolding, explained:

“The building consists of three turrets and three points between them that taper in from the bottom making it an interesting job to scaffold. As you can imagine we were battling against the wind at the top of the hill, so every single board had to be clipped down making it time consuming.”

The scaffold provided access for skilled craftsmen, who are using ancient skills and materials, to repair the stonework, in addition to small temporary roofs over the turrets to allow for lead replacement works.

The Tower is a busy tourist attraction which added additional considerations, George stated: 

“We didn’t scaffold all the way around the turrets at the top and kept the sheeting to the lower lifts so the public can still see the views from the top of the Tower. It will be stripped down in stages as the tower is still open to the public so the more they can see the better.”

In November, the owner of the Tower attached poppies to a debris net which Avon Scaffolding hung up to honour Remembrance Day.

Find out more about Avon Scaffolding (Worcestershire) Ltd here.

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