Audited Membership the way forward for TFL Scaffolding

“I’d describe the Scaffolding Association Audited Member process as arduous – but in a good way!”  

These are the words of Robert Turner, owner of TFL Scaffolding, when describing the thorough audit his London-based business completed in April to become Audited Members. 

With a team of 25 guys and an annual turnover of £1 to £1.5 million, TFL Scaffolding mostly takes on big commercial contracts. And the main/principal contractors running these have high standards and know what they’re looking for from their scaffolding contractors.

Mr Turner said: “We are proud to now be Audited Members of the Association and are confident that by going through this stringent audit, we are demonstrating to our clients the standards we upload. 

“The Scaffolding Association audit supports everything we work hard to deliver within the sector.”