AT-PAC Ringlock DIBT Approval

AT-PAC Ringlock scaffolding system receives one of the world’s most recognized approvals for scaffolding – the DIBt . The Ringlock brand is the world’s first non-European scaffold system with the DIBt approval.

In autumn 2020, AT-PAC and Doka entered into a global strategic partnership. This combined AT-PAC’s many years of scaffolding experience with Doka’s global presence. AT-PAC’s Ringlock system has been adopted and implemented by Doka as their own Scaffolding System to provide customers ‘more than formwork’.

DIBt certification – A milestone

The DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) is a leading technical authority responsible for granting national approvals for construction products in Germany. It is one of the most recognized and regulated approvals for scaffolding worldwide.

AT-PAC’s proprietary quality assurance program and rigorous quality checks and expert scaffold knowledge have been proven to be successful by securing the DIBt approval and guarantees customers a supply of high-quality scaffolding system with globally recognized approvals and certifications. AT-PAC’s Ringlock approval number is Z-8.22-992.

This marks a major milestone in the scaffolding strategy of AT-PAC Doka, Jeff Davis – CEO of AT-PAC stated:

“The DIBt certification marks a significant milestone in our company’s history and realizes our vision over the past 10+ years to invest in the development of our products to build the basis for international growth and be recognized as one of the major scaffolding players in the market”


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