AFIX Group offers new financing opportunities for scaffolders

As a total scaffolding solution manufacturer, AFIX Group also offers its customers complete and integrated financing solutions since 1 October 2021.

Do you have an ambitious project for which you want to use scaffolding quickly? And are you looking for a favourable financing solution?

Know that AFIX Group can now offer you various possibilities for acquiring high performance system scaffolding, from one day to several years.

New scaffolding service

Every industry has its peaks and lows. But economic supply and demand fluctuations often result in financing needs that are not always easy to meet with traditional investment loans.

“Having the right equipment at the right location at the right time, without any financial worries, is something you can count on us for.”

Koen De Potter CFO of AFIX Group.

Because of the great need for AFIXFAST scaffolding material for use in construction, industry or infrastructure work, the international scaffolding producer AFIX Group, headquartered in Aalter (Belgium), has created a new service. AFIX Finance is the autonomous financing entity within the group that can meet the financing needs of AFIX customers through direct credit.

Optimising scaffolding financing

Koen De Potter continued:

“For each project, AFIX advisors analyse together with the customer the current and future scaffolding needs. They discuss in confidence the business plan, the financing possibilities and the financial development of his project”

By analysing and optimising the customer’s specific situation, our financing experts then draw up a customised financing proposal.

Stephan Hillaert COO AFIX Group added:

“During the meeting, material quantity, scaffolding quality and project duration are also discussed. In addition, the advisors explain various purchase options and financing solutions, personalisation options and assembly or other logistical services are discussed”

AFIX Finance thus offers the most appropriate financial solution for the acquisition and/or use of professional system scaffolding. In this way, AFIXFAST scaffold clients can further develop their core business under the best conditions. AFIX Finance assures the client of maximum productivity at minimum operating costs.

More possibilities with off-balance leasing

The AFIX Finance team supports scaffolding customers through various financing formulas for purchase, short or long term rental, off-balance leasing and export financing.

Stephan Hillaert explains:

“The off-balance formula in particular is gaining interest among our scaffolding customers,”

AFIX then acts as a lender for the use of multidirectional scaffolding material against payment of a fixed monthly rental fee. At the end of the hire purchase and release of the purchase option, the customer becomes the owner of the scaffolding materials.

Koen De Potter CFO AFIX Group concluded:

“Our scaffolding customers particularly appreciate the simplicity of the financing model. But also the instant decision process, the tax advantage, the good payment spread and the release of cash for other investments.”

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