AAA Scaffolding and Creator Scaffold Design work together on impressive cantilevered access

R G Carter were working on South Lincolnshire FEZ Hub Building in Holbeach and needed to add a new Kingspan roof onto the steel frame building, and so they contacted AAA Scaffolding (Lincoln) Ltd, Assessed Members of the Scaffolding Association, to provide access.

The main challenge of the project was that ongoing works prevented scaffolding from being erected from ground level. 

AAA Scaffolding contacted Creator Scaffold Design and Temporary Works Consultants Limited, who are Associate Members of the Scaffolding Association, to discuss their options.

The solution was to erect a cantilever scaffold off the 2nd floor to give full access to the roof levels. The scaffolding ended up involving over 50 tonnes of equipment.

The project also faced additional challenges brought about from COVID restrictions, Jon Aitken, Director of AAA Scaffolding, explained:

“After a tough 18 months with the national COVID restrictions, I think it is safe to say we have all had to change our day to day operations and routines and this has been tricky at times with people required to work in close proximity to each other to be physically able to build such a complex scaffold structure, however by following the guidance and protocols it has restricted our efficiency and made the day to day job harder but it was a MUST to keep following the guidance and keep all employees, and site staff safe at all times.”

Overall, the project was a huge success, Jon concluded: 

“Working to a complex scaffold design, to achieve the required outcome for the client, is always enjoyable both from an operative and a company directors’ point of view. It demonstrates how we collectively work with our outsourced design consultancy Creator Scaffold Designs to provide a customer with a creative, cost-effective engineering solution.”

Bradley Berry, Director at Creator Scaffold Design concluded: 

“Creator have worked with Jon from AAA for many years providing all his design needs, and knowing the methods that Jon prefers to use, it enables us to provide an effective engineering solution to the clients requirements, and this is one example job where collaboratively working from inception to completion provides the client with a scaffold to suit their needs. Another job well done!” 

Find out more about AAA Scaffolding (Lincoln) Ltd here.

Find out more about Creator Scaffold Design and Temporary Works Consultants Limited here.

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