Home Product News TAMER toe board clips for ReadyFix and other Prefabricated Transoms

The TAMER toe board clip eliminates the inherent gap from the working platform that occurs with the ReadyFix type of scaffolding.

This simple, cost-effective solution exceeds the requirements of BS EN 12811 for toe board installation by replacing the more typically used single coupler to secure the toe board. Its design allows the toe board to sit either directly onto the transom tube or on top of the working platform boards without reduction of side loading capacity.

The unique way in which the toe board is held away from the standard has led to the adoption of the TAMER with various types of system scaffolding, as it allows traditional timber scaffold boards to be used as toe boards without fouling the ring or cup. When using scaffold boards to form the working platform on the above systems, the Tamer unifies the platform in a way that was unattainable previously.

Take a first look at the TAMER on YouTube: search ‘TAMER toe board clip’.

All test data and prices are available from Metal Spraying (UK) Ltd.

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