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Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company Protrack has introduced Pro Guardian, a new app-based lone worker system.

The new IOS and Android tracking system enables a staff member to activate the lone worker device in one of six ways, the most innovative of these being ‘automatic’ by simply entering a location that has a defined geofence (electronic boundary on a map).

In the event that a fall takes place, the staff member does not check in or the system is manually activated, the Pro Guardian lone worker pod – which consists of an IP-rated portable secure box with long-life rechargeable battery, GPS tracking device, audio and visual alarm, and lockable arm for anti-theft positioning – will alert anyone in the vicinity of ‘man down’ as well as connecting to the back-office software and presenting a pop-up alert.

This, in turn, will send out emails and SMS messages showing who activated the alarm and where it was activated. A simple protocol written by each client individually is then followed to best decide which form of action to take and address the potential incident.

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