Home Product News New cross brace opens up RhinoDeck to non-square rooms

RhinoDeck from Sayfa Systems was conceived and designed to respond specifically to the needs of the house building market, providing a safety platform for use inside the house shell during construction that can be as both a means of access and a load/work platform.

To suit the fact that most rooms are rectangular, RhinoDeck is essentially a rectangular system. But not all rooms are square and the addition of a cross brace to the RhinoDeck components list now means that RhinoDeck can fit a bay window or a triangular room, for example.

In any system based on straight lines, the gaps remaining are always triangular and all that was lacking was this extendable cross brace with swivel ends. The end fins swivel to fit to any angle and the brace itself extends up to 1.3 metres. The cross-brace then provides a sound support for an infill panel.

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